Built in the 1930s the new owners of two adjacent, small apartment blocks located in a prime location on Sydney's Balmoral Beach were committed to respecting their heritage context while reshaping the interiors to create four luxuriously appointed apartments, keeping one for themselves.

Babette Hayes of Babette Hayes Design was brought in to work on the interiors, colours, finishes, soft furnishings, furniture and accessories. The owner wanted a very personalised environment. “We looked at the apartment as a whole and suggested some minor joinery changes. We needed to satisfy her desire for the unusual; the element of surprise and her appreciation for quality and fine detailing is expressed in everything that was selected”. Working on the foundation established by the architect Mohit Kenny who was responsible for the architectural concept and renovation of the four apartments, we focused on the client's own apartment resulting in a synthesis of heady 1930s glamour and 21st-century comfort.

Architect: Mohit Kenny at Corben Architects 02 9904 1844
Photography: Rodney Weidland