Lavender Bay

A stunning residential luxury apartment development enjoying of Sydney's most sought after Harbour view: the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The two light filled apartments designed by Dennis Rabinowitz of JPR Architects replaced a dilapidated 1920s building. The original robust sandstone entry wall was retained framing the garage and apartment entry, elegantly combined to maximise the use of space, with the entry to the apartments set at the far end behind glass to access the lift and staircase.

Babette Hayes was brought in to furnish and style the terrace and penthouse apartments for prospective owners. Both luxuriously appointed, this lower level has a landscaped terrace with water features cascading over stone walls to the back and front. Generous living spaces respond to a brief which required openness and spatial connectivity with room for private spaces, all well defined, with the split level to the living and bedroom zones, from the front entry giving a heightened sense of flow from front to back. Warm travertine floors and recycled boards in association with the varied textures of the marble bench tops and beautifully detailed joinery throughout was complemented by the careful choice of furniture and furnishings, artworks, old carved doors and carefully selected and placed to establish a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Throughout there is a sense of well defined order and calm right from the garage entry with its robust architectural treatment complemented with a massed collection of Afghan baskets on the garage wall and the hanging chair and water feature in the mirrored lift entry. An 18th century Indian window sits outside the apartment lobby complementing the dramatic water scene cascading down the stone wall viewed through the window alongside. Open the front door and the eye travels through an opening, across the dining room to the split level with the two living spaces and terraces to rest on the breathtaking harbour with its Harbour Bridge framing the Opera House.

Babette was interviewed and filmed in this apartment in 2005 for A TV series on International Luxury Residential Lifestyles. It has been shown several times on the Lifestyle Channel 2006-08.

Architect: Dennis Rabinowitz, JPR Architects 02 9366 6113
Landscape Designer: Marcia Hosking Landscape Design 02 9660 1670